13 November 2011

Dollar Store Wreath

I am excited to share my wreath with you because I think it it really fun and was a total budget project. I was checking out the Dollar Tree store and ran across these packages of fun crepe paper leaves. They seemed so vintagey in feel and of course they are the perfect fall colors. (which we don't get much of in Central CA) I thought it would be fun to use them to make a wreath for our front door so I picked up a wreath form while at the dollar store too.  It was just a simple twig style wreath. I also grabbed a roll of autumnal ribbon while I was there but after seeing it all put together I feel it is the weak link and plan to replace it with something different, maybe a burlap bow??
Anyway, I just fiddled with the leaves to "fluff" the up a bit since they have wires inside and hot glued them to the wreath form. I added the bow with a blob of glue too so I think it will pop right off. I have it hanging on our security screen on the front porch and I like how it pops against the white.
Bonus, was I had several leaves left over so we used them to make super cute "place cards" for Thanks giving. Since I already had them for the wreath project the cost of the place cards was zilch. I will get pictures and share them soon. In addition I had a few MORE leaves leftover so we will probably suspend them from the curtain rods with some fishing line for a bit more fall.

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