27 October 2011

in which I crave fall..

I guess technically it IS fall but the weather has been trifling with us. Despite a mild summer, Mother Nature dropped some Indian Summer weather on us and while the mornings are quite chilly, the day time temps have been climbing up into the 80's. I am so over it! I want to break out the sweaters and boots. I actually want to wear knee socks!
Anyway, I love the autumn colors and I am craving some so I was thrilled to find this little stash of pictures from last fall. I shot them one afternoon at an event at the winery I work for part time. This fall's even is coming up so I hope to see a few of the same colors and textures soon!
autumn splendor

fabulous foliage

can you see the rainbow?

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  1. hmmmm.... I'm missing summer. Wanna trade?