20 October 2011

sore wrists and painty fingernails

I have been working my tail off in the studio (well everywhere, but this is about art) getting ready for a Pre-Holiday Boutique at a friend's house. I didn't wait until the last minute (proud of self) but I didn't exactly use my time the most efficiently either. I think when you are in creative mode its hard to always be efficient, or maybe its just me. But I finally just had to run out of clay because if I hadn't I'd still be MAKING tiles and things and not actually finishing anything. 

Fortunately my good friend Bridgette came over and helped with some of the fiddly stuff like putting the glass and stuff back in frames, touch up painting, finishing the backs of my chalk boards, etc. Even with the boutique only being 2 days away I found myself back in the studio today gluing pieces like crazy and making MORE.

I did finally drag myself out to finish up a couple things and gather my tablecloths and bags and various other things I need. I also BOUGHT price stickers but have yet to actually price anything. I guess I will be doing that tomorrow.

Anyway, I meant this to be a more image heavy post than wordy but I guess I am rambling like usual. Just wanted to share a few of my latest pieces. Next week some of the unsold things will end up in my Etsy shop and some will go to the gallery. Its ice to have my creative mojo back and I look forward to making more.  (and getting the studio organized!!) Enjoy...

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