23 November 2011

home SWEET home

Because I didn't have enough to do to prepare for 13 people for Thanksgiving in my tiny house, (in addition to working and watching the little who is on vacation) I made up a couple of last minute projects. Fortunately I FINISHED them all today and I also whipped up this little "frame filler" while I was at the office waiting for the phone to ring this morning (it never did... oh well).

I have been working on our "collage wall" in our new and improved living room. This particular wall is in the "dining" area where I have a distressed black hutch and a white table. I wanted everything to go on it to be shades of black and white so it didn't get too overwhelming. I am adding punches of color in other places.

With Thanksgiving approaching I had DH bring in the drill so we could hang up the things I had been collecting. I had tried putting in nails but we have the weirdest walls EVER and they essentially repel nails so screws were the only way to go :)

Well one of the things we had hung up was this cute scrolly frame that was the UGLIEST gold ever so I sprayed it white and we put it up for a place holder. The back is missing so I had to hang it with a little piece of seam binding. It was bugging me that it was empty so today I made this cute little "Home Sweet Home" sign to put in it.  I just LOVE how it turned out and I think I might get some nicer paper and make a few for friends too :)

Above you can see my "collage wall" in progress. I keep adding things and didn't do any planning so I am pretty pleased with how it is all flowing :)

Here a list of the things and where I scored them:
From top left:
• cute picture of Hannah ( taken by Joleen) in a frame from Michael's.
• thrifted, made over frame and sign
• Black letter B from Target Dollar Spot
• Super fun "The Bluhms" photography prints I got Greg for our anniversary from Fritts Creative on Etsy
• "shabby" tin B sign from Hobby Lobby
• "Romantic Paris" clock from WUSLU (warning, don't EVEN come whining to me if you get addicted.. I warned you!)
• cool iron "element" from Goodwill
• Framed picture of my daughter and niece when they were about 3. I never had one out but always loved the picture. This one happened to be framed in black and I brought it home after my FIL passed.
• Little shabby mirror from a thrift store.. I got a bunch of them for .50 each and painted this one white.
• The platter is a PERFECT ironstone platter with pretty leaf design.. NO crazing, no chips and the perfect colors. Thrift store score!
• and the big ornamental thing on the left is a resin "ornamental thing" I got at Goodwill. It needs a little repairing and touch up paint but I like how it looks.

So.. this has been the latest thing I have been working on in our living room redo.. that's new in your home??

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