05 October 2011

finding inspiration

One of the projects I have been working on lately is working with Jenn of the Vintage Sheet Blog to update the blog with new buttons and and menus and such. Part of the assignment is to use vintage sheet patterns to match her banner and existing pieces so I have been scouring various sites and pictures for some images and inspiration.

During my jaunts into inspiration hunting I marked a handful of fun looking projects that I might lie to tackle some day with vintage sheets (I have plenty) or pretty fabrics ( I have too many) and I thought it might be fun to share that inspiration here.

Clockwise from top left:

• Of course we have all probably seen many quilts created with vintage sheet fabric but I really liked the look of this one.
• How cute and clever are these vintage sheet covered storage bins? Much prettier than some of the plain Jane ones we see at the box stores.
• How about a simple (NO SEW!) yet stunning vintage sheet wreath? Wouldn't it be fun and different to do sone in autumn colors?
• OMG super cute hat made with a vintage sheet. Squeal!!
• I don't have a baby anymore but I might have to make a cute vintage sheet mobile like this to gussy up the studio... so pretty.
• Another NO SEW project. My Mom used to make lots of rag rugs but none quite as cute as this one.
• I just LOVE these curtains.. I wish I had a place to use them.. hmm, thinking cap on. I have also seen similar used as a bed canopy, fun!!
• This cushion is just stunning. If I had more patience sewing little fiddly pieces I'd try one but let's face it that is not going to happen. LOL PS Her blog is Blow you away FABULOUS!!

Have these shots inspired you? I feel more inspired... I need to go look for more sheets :)

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  1. Thanks for the links, I'll have a good time looking thru them...already pinned the vintage sheet wreath tutorial for future reference. :)