06 October 2011

thrifty thursday

OK, so I kinda cheated.. this find isn't from THIS Thursday, err today but it is thrifty! I was tootling around the Salvation Army one day before I had to pick up the little from school and found this.
I loved the colors and the shabby look and it is in perfect shape! It has a sort of lace embossed pattern with small colored flowers. I only paid $1.50 for it and the cashier guy and I had fun looking at the stamp at the bottom. It is by Napcoware out of Japan and even has an original sticker on it. There is a lot of Napcoware on eBay and the prices aren't anything to retire on but I was happy with my pretty little find.
I plopped a little plant it for now but it would be cute for candies or some small collection of something too.
What thrifty finds have you made lately?

Oh, quick update: Jennifer just emailed me to tell me that I am the guest blogger on the Vintage Sheet Blog today. Pop over and see it :)

1 comment:

  1. It was fun to read your post on Vintage Sheet Blog!!!
    My thrifty find was an old Royal typewriter at the flea market last weekend!!