20 September 2011

feeling fallish

I don't know about you but I am longing for fall. Here in CA it does not come in gracefully with gradually changing colors and dips in temperature. It just suddenly seems to turn brown and this year we are having a bit of "Indian summer" which means that temps have soared compared to the extremely mild summer we've had.

I see blogs filled with golden leaves and pumpkins, pine cones and Halloween fixin's but I am simply not feeling it yet. It doesn't seem right to be bringing in pumpkins (plus they will cook on the front porch) and fall leaves yet. I long to fill up a basket with gourds but we just haven't gotten that snap in the air signaling us to go...

When it does, this is my inspiration for a fall table.

I love the simplicity. Likely I won't be setting for a feast but this will inspire a centerpiece to be displayed in our home and bring on the sites and smells of fall.. I long for it. Its my favorite season... what's your favorite season?


  1. I'm with you- Fall! We already have had that snap- the leaves are getting ready to change color and drop! I hear that there is often a light snow here before Halloween! I can't wait!!!

  2. summer, summer,summer summer summer. Love the heat.