11 September 2011


I have to admit that I have been avoiding all the 9-11 news and specials on TV. I didn't want to remember and be immersed in the memories and sadness. But today is THE day to remember and we do. We have our flag flying today and my SIL just sent a lovely email to the family remembering 9-11 and something good that came out of that date. A story of good memories created with someone we lost earlier this year. For it, I am glad.. I am happy she was able to to put those memories into words that we all could visualize and I am thankful that she she was able to remind me that 9-11 isn't a day of only sadness. Yes, it was tragic and sad but it was also a day when Americans (and the world) rallied together and the best was brought out in humanity. Those are the things I wish we could find again as a society so I hope this anniversary reminds everyone that we need to work together, so the loss of those we loved won't be in vain.

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