12 September 2011

in which it really is a MONDAY...

So yeah, first day of school. Little wakes up and immediately has a panic attack because she is nervous and scared. I get that under control despite exhaustion from being up half the night with the dog who is making terrible noises, pacing and acting totally disoriented. We're really worried bout senior doggie. Pack lunch and make breakfast while simultaneously trying to get vet appt. Run out the door with laptop, giant backpack, lunch, camera (because I am yearbook Mom), kid and cup of coffee for school drop off. 

On the way my Mom calls. Her little doggie was attacked by a BIG dog and she is not doing well. She is waiting for traveling vet to show. More worrying and I still do not have a vet appt.  

Drop off little at school and discover classroom/ teacher changes. Initially not happy but trying to keep open mind and see how it goes. At least Han is ok once she sees all her friends. Interesting tidbit... She is in a class of 6 third graders.. all girls. :)

Off to work.. oh, I bet you thought I meant my studio.. Nope, back to work at Garlic Festival Foods. Big staffing shake up.. essentially no employees so I am trying to dig through the stuff that was essentially just left. Plus, as always seems to happen, all the weird stuff is happening that keeps me from digging into the pile!

Finally got a vet appt. and the jury is still out (actually the lab results) as to what is wrong with her. It could be one of three things... all because she is OLD... we'll just have to wait and see. Fingers crossed..

Another vet visit for my Mom's little dog too. I hope she is ok.

Han ended up having a good day at school. She likes the new girl and had fun but is already complaining about the homework. Its going to be a loooong year.

On a final unassociated note, I DID work in the studio for a couple hours yesterday. Got the clay out and started working on some new mosaics for a crafty open house I will be participating in in October. More soon...

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  1. OMG! So sorry about the doggies!! I hope they are both well for now?
    How do you do it all?!?!