08 September 2011

in which I have nothing much to say...

Hey all, just popping in to say.. not much. LOL The little goes back to school Monday (finally) so we are trying to enjoy our last few days of "summer". Big shake ups at the family business have me back in the office trying to sort things out and handle some day to day things. In another week and a half I will be teaching two days a week. Excited but a bit nervous. Just anxious to get going. I am also anxious to get back in the studio more regularly. It will require a bit of a clean sweep to make some work space but I did start making some new mosaics for the gallery and also a craft show I agreed to do... that's about it for now. Hopefully I will have more to share soon. What have YOU been up to?

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  1. Hi Christine, I found no other way to contact you to inquire what your fees were to create a header for my new wordpress blog. Please e-mail me. Thank you.