02 August 2011


I am SO excited about this project. I got this sampler from Charlotte Lyons when I was in a stitching mood and worked on it and one from Pam Garrison while on my road trip to OR. When Joleen was where I was inspired to finally turn this into a pillow for the living room.

I used the stitched piece as the center to a log cabin style square using almost all vintage feedsack fabrics. I didn't plan the order I stitched them in, just cut lots of strips, sewed them into long strips and log cabined my way around the block. The back is a vintage napkin I had in my stash and then I stuffed in a down filled form from Ikea.

I LOVE, LOVE it. You know how you imagine how you want things to turn out in your head? Well this one exceeded the mental image I had. I just want to hug it ( but need to Scotchguard it first!) Its a great accent to the living room redo. i plan to do something similar with the sampler I finished from Pam next... stay tuned.

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  1. this is delightful and so beautiful! love it. i hope to play with my sampler from pam soon.