30 July 2011

better days

Its been a BUSY and emotional day.

Joleen's car was broken into last night during a rash of break ins and in the process the a-holes stole a box containing her vintage cameras, hard drive with 6+ years of pix and my Canon Rebel which I had loaned to her. Mostly, it sucks because her space was violated and I worry about that and her driving to GA alone.

Even despite the crappy beginning to our day, we made the best of it and Joleen did 3 photo shoots. Plus, we squeezed in an 8 yr old b-day party :).

Tomorrow is the last day of the Garlic Festival and then Joleen heads off on her adventure while I do laundry and pack for our upcoming trip to MN. Gotta get the pets all set for the house sitter and my POST G-Fest pedicure (much needed) squeezed in there too.

No pretty pictures to share today... I left my camera at the festival (with my Mom) yesterday so those will have to wait...

Here's to better days...

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