14 June 2011

turning things around

Summer is here!! We hit the pool yesterday and will be hitting again today. Its super nice to have friends with a pool! Yay! Went to bed/ woke up with a migraine. Must be because of the instant heat. Went from comfortable and breezy high 70's over weekend to hot overnight.. at least its not TOO DAMN HOT. I am thinking I am going to have to turn on the AC today...

BUT even though today didn't start off the greatest I am making an effort to TURN IT AROUND...
Here's to a better day than morning :)


  1. Migraines and instant heat -- that's certainly a possibility. Weather changes especially when they happen drastically affect my son's migraines.

    Friends with pools are so nice to have!!!

    And I love the words on your art -- no more living on auto pilot!!! amen!!!

  2. me too... kicking the auto pilot to the curb! I do hope you are feeling better sweet girl. Love this art work too, and the header is so nice.