13 June 2011

I made this

Yesterday I whipped up this simple blog banner for my bestie Joleen's, reactivated blog. Yay! I have missed her blogging so I am excited to know that it is back in action.

Speaking of back in action. I have been pretty busy with bloggy stuff behind the scenes here. I have been working with Jenn on her spiffing up her blog and I am excited that my new Brave Girl friend Kathy is having me redo her blog too (its not up yet). Their styles are all so different from each other, its fun to stretch in different artistic directions.

Today finally felt like summer. School is out, it was warm and we hot the pool with friends. I got a little sunburnt even though I was sitting in the shade. It was great! Looking forward to many more days like today. Happy Summer....


  1. You know how I LOVE your blog banners!!!!!! This is another beauty!!!!