17 June 2011

Anatomy of a blog make over

As I mentioned before I have been busy working on various blogs including one for my new friend Kathy.

Kathy expressed some interest in moving toward a sleek, uncluttered blog with lots of white, gray and black. She is purging her blog and her life :)

To the left here you can see the three drafts I supplied her with after receiving her questionnaire back. In it she has mentioned some likes/ dislikes and listed a couple of blogs she liked the look of and supplied me with a piece of art that she really wanted to featured.

From her feedback on these designs I reworked the bottom one and also the monogram for use in other projects. I then tweaked her favorite which was #3.
HERE is what I installed tonight, to replace something more along these lines (I should have screen captured a before shot.. oh well.)

We are still working on the fiddly little stuff like deleting and relocating side bar items and creating a navigation bar for under the "banner", so if you check back over the next week or so you will probably notice more little changes here and there.  She hadn't decided whether or not she wanted to use a background so I installed a simple grey one which I really like, but we'll see what she thinks..

So that's a little peek at this make over and how I work. Hope Kathy loves her new blog!!


  1. OMG...I LOVE IT!!!!! You did such a great job Heather -- and you've captured Kathy perfectly with this!!!

    I'm still working out what I need/want...now that I'm in the home stretch of getting my MIL's house sold (we meet with the agent Monday night to look at offers), I'll be getting back to my own life.

    Once again, this is fabulous!!! I know Kathy is going to be over the moon!

  2. eeeeekkkkkk, I am just silly with excitement. I DO love this, you have really done what I was looking for. And trust me people, I do NOT get ideas to words very easily. All I knew was I wanted something very different...sleek, white, elegant. And looky here, I got it.
    Once my navigation bar is up with my shop links, ect...off the sides the Etsy mini's will come. You have been a joy to work with Heather...I love it. and the finished design will be, perfection.
    I still love that monogram design too. Very much!

  3. Kathy's blog is gorgeous!!! I will continue to check back on it. Heather, your blog work is amazing!!!!! You know I just drool over your banners.....Have a good weekend!