05 June 2011


On a whim I stopped by the local Goodwill last week, before I headed to pick up the little person from school. I sometimes score really good linen deals there and often find new Anthropologie dish towels or other cool items. I always check out all the sections because you never know just what you might find and boy I am glad I did.

Not only did I score 2 NEW bed pillows (for guest bed) but I found two pieces of California Aborn pottery . I recognized the pieces from a collection of aqua colored ceramics my Mom has.  One is this little planter and the other is a larger lower dish that matches. Both have a couple little chips, but that just adds character, right?

Another cool find was this neat birdcage clock. The battery was wedged in and kind of crusty but I pulled it out and cleaned the contacts and with the addition of a new battery it works great! I plan to paint and distress it and it will be a fin addition for the living room redo. Its a good size for the mantel.

cute lampshade from Etsy
And finally, just as I prepared to go, I decided to walk down the lamp aisle. BINGO, I found this awesome, large "trophy" lamp. It looks like it is made of silver (its probably not) and it nice and heavy. I don't see any maker's marks on it but I don't care. I ditched the ugly lampshade so I need to find one to top it off. I got some great ideas from Etsy, there are some amazing ones made with vintage wallpaper or I LOVE this one made with a vintage table cloth, its the perfect color and style but too small and a bit more than I want to spend. :( Maybe I will try my hand at making one!

Anyway, it was so fun to find all these great treasures at the thrift store and spend only about $20. They will all fit in well in the living room make over if I ever manage to get it done. I am STILL painting trim. (there is a lot) I have a bunch of sewing to do on things for the room but haven't felt motivated to make it out to the studio lately.

Hope you are having a great weekend.. We have 3 more days until school is out and then PARTY!!!

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  1. oohhhh great finds!!!! I love that lamp!!! And I love how you took the time to work with the clock and got it ticking!!!