03 June 2011

random ramblings...

I am sitting here with a sense of satisfaction because my mantel wall is DONE!! The ugly lamps are removed, plugs are changed out, the trim is painted and I am ready to pop the other shade back into place as soon as my touch up paint dries. Its so soothing and pretty. I think I am going to treat myself to a new plant for decorate it. I will snap some pix as soon as Greg removes the ugly telephone wire that is running across it. I am also going to try

Things have been busy because of the looming last day of school, and I am bouncing around doing a bit of this and a bit of that. I have many irons in the fire but they are GOOD. One of the things I am excited about is doing more design work. I have not really been advertising myself much because I felt burned out but lately I have been getting some signs that my skills are needed. I need to share that part of me, my song..

It will be difficult but I really am trying to give myself a goal to get back to updating the blog and adding pages to describe what I can offer and share past projects. I recently had call to share my Flickr Design Album and it was fun to go back through some of my past favorite jobs. Take a peek at www.OldeHouseInn.com. This is one of my recent favs, I got to work with my good friend Adair on it but also incorporate some current favs as far as color, fonts, etc.  It makes me happy to look at it.

Speaking of Adair, I think her blog/ websites is one of my ALL TIME favorites I have designed. You can see her blog here: http://aliceadair.blogspot.com/. I also provided her with matching business cards and various other collateral. Her website it currently down for revamping but it was a better version of the blog :)

I always have to mention my friend Laura when sharing my favorites because she is the person I credit with getting me to "start" this business. Laura always used my services for theme blog banners and and little projects and I would never let her pay me but she would sneakily send me gifts and constantly hounded me that I was WORTH getting paid. We haven't changed up her blog since we settled on this rendition that has matching calling cards and was also featured in a Somerset Artful Blogging issue of "banners we love".

The thing is.. I could go on and on but I won't. If you are up to it you can check out my album and feel free to ask any questions. I am pack to my list of projects.. I am determined to get the new curtains up this weekend!


  1. I think that having this talent, the gift re-sparked is just what you needed! And really you mustn't let that song go unsung!! xo

  2. sing to meeeeee.... I am ready!
    That artwork for Adair, is just stunning...love it.
    I am trying to figure out what I want, I am you newest client!!! xo
    And by the way, your card, LOVE!

  3. really diggin' this series of combinations, seriously gorgeous creativity...thank you much for sharing! :)