02 June 2011

return to the blog

Yay, Google/ Blogger let me back into my blog. Not sure what went wrong but glad to not be battling with it any longer.

Yesterday we went to the Wild Water Adventure Park for the little's end of year trip. The weather was less than stellar but fun was had by all and everyone is dragging today. She will be out of school next Wednesday, this year has flown by. Now to figure out what to do with her all summer.

My "To Do" list is longer than my arm right now so I had better get to it but I wanted to pop in and say "Hi" and share another truth card with you. I am looking forward to some time back in the studio soon!

Hope everyone has a great day. What are your summer plans??


  1. Love this card art friend! Good to see you back on your blog!

  2. It always seems to me that the end of the school arrives all in a rush and then it's figuring out to do with all that 'free' time.

    Beautiful card...beautiful truth!!