07 June 2011

a little sweetness

I am enjoying this short school week, the last day of school is tomorrow and the three days that there is school are minimum days. Its not worth driving back home just to be there a couple hours and drive back again so I have been coming to "work" at Barnes & Noble. I have discovered the joy of Starbuck's raspberry scones (yum) along with my iced mocha, and its quiet here early in the day and I am surrounded by books and magazines which makes for GREAT breaks. :)

I have been working on the graduation program for our ceremony tomorrow and I have a new blog client who is pushing me a bit by wanting a simpler, cleaner look for her blog and requested black/ grey/ white. Its been fun to play with that combo and I am really pleased with the drafts I sent off to her today. Maybe one day I will actually get more stuff up on my blog here, whatdaya think??

I don't have anything very new in the way of pictures or projects but it occurred to me that I have never shared my "Get Well" pages with you. I made this page for a mixed media book that my Facebook friend Cris put together for our mutual an eternally sweet friend Holly, after her back surgery.

I wanted to use "the good stuff" because Holly is such a treasure to me. Here is the front:

I used a vintage cigarette card layered over vintage papers and handmade lace and the whole collage was sewn onto a flocked wallpaper background. Its nice and soft :)

On the back I used more vintage wallpaper and lace along with velvet ribbon and millinery. The poem is from an old magazine that Greg brought back from MN out of his Dad's attic. It seemed like the perfect place to use it and it was fun to use original paper and lace. I wrote a sentiment on the page in pencil which is hard to see.  I think you can see the other pages ( which are soo lovely) in our Flickr group. Be sure to pop over and check them out because the girl did an amazing job and it all flows together so seamlessly.


  1. I LOVE this and I LOVE you.

  2. Beautiful work!!! I know it will be treasured!! I also love your new "work space" - doesn't get much better than that!! I think I need to take a page from your book and start doing that -- for me!! And I can't wait to see our friend's new look when you are done...I'm still pondering what I need/want!!!

  3. Totally picturing you sitting in Starbucks sipping on your coffee and nibbling the scone...yum
    Giggles because I am her, the client...so lucky and can I tell you, giddy with excitement...xo
    This page you created is just so stunning...and sweet...I love the front and the back. I am a huge sucker for vintage wallpaper and spotted that right away. (I worry that my supply is running low, I sort of hoard it...) I know it will be cherished.