09 June 2011

a message

I am thinking (and hurting) about a special young friend I have who is hurting and struggling with so many things.

Her age, her place in her family, her relationships with her family and how she is struggling to balance all that with discovering WHO she is and feeling the stirrings and emotions that come with becoming a young woman. I feel helpless except to maybe provide a little comfort and counsel when I can. I am thinking of you "J" and I am always here for you...

In other news, I am struggling to choose 3 images to represent my body of work for a publications. Umm HOW???
more on that later.... :)


  1. What a sensitive and caring message to send your young friend Heather. You may feel "helpless" but from what I've read here I think your friend is blessed because everything you are offering her is most likely exactly what she needs. ♥

    As for choosing the work for a publication...you'll know them...your heart will tell you which ones!

  2. oh Heather, what a great friend this young woman has, YOU. And you have written your thoughts out so well, she a lucky one to have you on her side. This was so thoughtful and full of love, and straight from you generous, loving heart.

    So excited for you as you prepare for your publication ... whatever you pick, it will be fabulous.