12 January 2011

wake up call

Even though it isn't February yet I am feeling kind of like the ground hog popping his head out of the hole to take a look around and see what's coming. I have been spending a lot of the time in the hole, its a usual thing come winter and darkness and inevitably it always just sneaks up on me. I am going along as usual and think to myself, wow this hasn't been so bad, I am making it through winter pretty well and then BAM.. wake up call.. I take a look around and what do I discover? I am in a funk, I am uninspired, I am lethargic, I am lonely and haven't seen (and barely talked to) any of my friends in TOO DANG LONG and I AM DEPRESSED! I should know better by now, but I never seem to manage it right. I never manage to plan ahead and up the dose of meds or get the UV light thingie out or force myself to DO SOMETHING until I am bam in the middle of the SAD.

So, at least I finally realized that no one is going to help me but myself. I got back on the horse ( literally and figuratively), I a riding again, I am trying to reach out to friends, I am making myself create (I am considering applying for the QKD design team) and I am going to bring back my Greeting Card Swap.

If you are interested, please check back. I will work out the details and post them here soon!!

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  1. Cheer up charlie- once you start it will all flow together. that happens to me too. today i overhauled my bathroom and organized. im ready to do more :)