12 November 2010

Last week I did a swap with my journal idol Kelly Kilmer. We swapped big fat envelopes of paper goodness to use I our journals. I got hers the day before I went to help a friend with a garage sale and took it with me so we could journal that evening. Will you just LOOK at the amazing pile of stuff she sent me?? Its so inspiring. Its killing me that I haven't made more time to journal with all of this calling my name. I need to me more disciplined. LOL Anyway, Kelly offers up journaling packs every once in a while and let me tell you, its worth it! If you have the change to get one.. do not hesitate because she sends the good stuff!

Kelly really made my day when she received MY swap envelope because she sent me a specific email asking where I had gotten some labels that were for use in her journal. They had various sayings, days of the week, months, etc on them and she wanted more!! Well that was huge flattery for me because they were labels that I had designed and printed!! I know you might be asking yourself, well why isn't there a picture?? And the answer is simply this.. I suck. I have been designing a set of labels for journaling that I hope to offer up on Etsy some day soon but I just haven't managed to get my collective crap sorted out. Kelly's sweet comments made me a bit more motivated so now I am trying to finish up the various "sets" so I can offer them up to other art journalers and creative types. If it doesn't happen soon you all have my permission to harass me until I do it!

A few blogs that have been inspiring the heck out of me lately:
Someday I am going to manage to take a class from her!!
Hello! Katrina has some darling freebies for digital types!!
and always.. PAPAYA!


  1. I love your blog and I think your idea is wonderful.
    I just put together some ATC kits with extra things I had lying around. Recycling, that is what it is all about.
    Nice to meet you
    Come visit me too sometime:)
    I found you through Dawn's blog

  2. Lovely tulip page. Please put up pix of your labels!