27 December 2009


Just a couple more shots of the journal covers from Mary Ann's class. I have been working on pages but haven't taken any pix yet. Soon!
The pink cover is the first one I laid out but it wasn't really speaking to me so I did
another one which was the one I showed below with the bright oranges and pinks, etc. It is the one I am working on mostly.
The brown/ blue one is
actually Hannah's. I was surprised that she chose these colors since she is all about pink and purple. She was inspired by peacock feathers that we had in our trim jar and went w
ith it. I love how it turned out and how she just went with it.


  1. I also signed up for this cl;ass and I am LOVING it so much, I can't get enough!! I've been crazy making covers and pages- it's so much fun!! It's been a great way to ease me out of the after holiday blues.
    Happy New Year!!!

  2. OMG!!! These stuffs are totally very fantastic. Wow!!! Love it!!! Happy new year!!!

  3. Your journals are great. I've sure enjoyed Mary Ann's class.