30 December 2009

In with the New.. and out with the new to you..

I can't believe its almost 2010! Tomorrow is the last day of 2009 and it sure flew by.

As part of my ringing in the new year celebration I have been taking Mary Ann's journal class as I have mentioned in my previous posts. It has been so fun and inspiring to go thru my stash of papers and treasured scraps and use them. I am up to 3 journal covers now, not including Hannah's and have been stitching papers together to make pages to fill them. Unfortunately, I find that I am running low on my larger pieces as I guess I tend to gather smaller bits and pieces. Also, I find that looking at the same old thing is getting a bit monotonous and would like to mix it up a bit so I have an offer for anyone who is interested.

I am looking for some new journal fodder... ledger pages, decorative paper, photos, interesting book pages, transparencies, etc., particularly larger cuts of things. In trade I am offering up a copy of issue #6 of Portals Zine. (edit: I messed up, I am out of vol. #7, I will send the HOME issue, vol. #6) This is printed professionally in full color and is a $20 value. I happen to have several left over. If you are interested, please email me and we can swap addresses to trade a baggie of paper goodness for an issue.

Wishing you a fun New Year's Eve and all the best in 2010!!


  1. hey girl -
    i will definitely send you some stuff in trade for your zine - send me an email with some ideas and or pics of what you would like to have for trade.

    i haven't started my journal yet - we moved in november and i can't find the pedal and cord for my sewing machine - ugh! i want to work on the journal new years day while my son and husband go snowboarding - guess i will be going through the garage tonight.

    let me know

  2. I just found a package of stuff I was going to send to you 14 months ago!!! I am trying to get myself organized. This will be a chance to send you that package and some more good stuff! Count me in!

  3. Wishing you a happy and blessed 2010!!!!. Gypsy Purple--Chamara

  4. i can send you stuff. i'm purging. if you're out of zines, that's ok. email me your address.



  5. Oh my goodness. A chance to get rid of some of the too-much papers I have in exchange for a zine? Can't pass up that deal! Just holler if you'd like a bag. I'm most willing.

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  7. I got the Portals and it is amazing!!! I will make it my goal to get your package out to you by Saturday of this week. Why am I such a procrastinator??? Lame. But since I wrote this comment in public I will have no excuse!!!!