26 December 2009


Bittersweet feelings about the holiday being over; relief, joy, warmth, fatigue..
Today it was all I could do to get myself showered and dressed and the little never changed out of her pajamas :)

We had a nice holiday, it was low key and filled with the family and friends we most love. I like that we can have a casual holiday just enjoying BEING rather than all the fuss with formality and dressing in uncomfortable clothes. I must say that we couldn't have asked for nicer weather for Christmas Day.. truly a California Christmas!! LOL

Greg made up for some of his past "lame gift giving", his words.. he
claims he is not a good gift giver. He and Hannah surprised me with a new green iPod Nano!! Up until now I have been basically listening to my music on iTunes on my computer as my iPod was a first generation brick
with virtually no battery life. I am so excited about this new little piece of technology.. I am simply amazed at all it can do!! In addition he loaded up my bookshelf with some new additions from my Amazon wish list. I was thrilled to receive my pal Rut
h Rae's book along with some other inspiring tomes. I have been savoring them each evening before bed.
The best part of the holidays being over (mostly) is that I have some free studio time to create for myself. As I mentioned in the last post, I am working on the "Remains of the Day" class by Mary Ann Moss. I completed my journal cover(s), I made two and helped Hannah stitch hers up. They are all so unique and beautiful and each time I visit the class Flickr group I am newly inspired. I began on my pages but still have a way to go, but I must say I am enjoying the process so much!! This is such a great way to use up scraps of this and that :) and create with abandon.

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  1. Ray gave me a Nano for my birthday! I was using a first generation shuffle. It played my favourite 100 songs -- only one button to push. I'm still having a hard time with the scrolling wheel -- and it took me forever to figure out the volume, lol....
    For Christmas I got a PoGo printer -- and today I am working on my christmas 2009 journal. WooHoo for technology!