29 March 2009


Uggh, I started this big long post about why I have been missing and then decided to just scrap it because its all sad, depressing stuff. Let's just leave it at this, if I hear of one more person diagnosed with or dying from cancer I don't know WHAT I will do.

Let's just move on to good news.. I am flying to WA in a couple of days to go to ArtFest! I am really excited about seeing Martha again and see Ruth and all my artsy friends and take cool classes. I am still really stressing about packing tho. The one bag rule on the airlines SUCKS. I generally pack an art bag seperatly but there is no way I can take it as a carry on and I don't wanna pay $25 for one extra bag.. c'mon people!

I am trying to figure out if there is any way I can smuggle my felting needles on the plane so I can felt on the way up but I think they'd probably get confiscated. :( boo.
This is a little bunny I made for Hannah, it was my first attempt at a 3D item and we both really like him. I had to kind of wing it in the construction but I think he turned out pretty cute. I love the big carrot.

I am super excited that I finished up the first issue of the Creative Cottage Shopper today. It will be going to print tomorrow and on sale when I return. I already know exactly which shops I am going to hit first. It is CHOCK full of great coupon offers from all kinds of cottagey shops and there are also some cute tips and tutorials inside. For more details as we have them you can keep an eye on this blog or here on mine.

I have a bunch of pix of other things to share too but they are still in my (dead) camera. I will need to charge it up to get them out. Until then.. I am off to felt some more and worry about ArtFest packing.


  1. Hi Heather! I love your little bunny and wanted to let you know I posted about the goodies you sent me on my blog. Have a safe trip and enjoy yourself!

    Take Care - Robin

  2. your bunny looks so cute Heather!!! i saw the peeks of the cottage shopper on the lolli blog a little earlier, you did a wonderful job...it looks amazing!!!

    maybe you could fashion your felting needles into some kind of barrette for your hair?

  3. Hi Heather!
    Love your bunny! are you saying that you are hooked on this new felting craze? I have been thinking of taking it up (also in the mode of figures) but do i need another "problem" taking up my time! haahaha
    I hope you have a wonderful time at Artfest!
    keeping prayers out there.

  4. hi, heather - i found your world from the journal pages group. very cool work! have fun at artfest - one of these years i hope to go!

  5. He turned out adorable! I want to start playing with felting...sigh...maybe later! :D