30 March 2009

Its here..

Blood, sweat and tears... ok, so it wasn't QUITE that bad but I have been working my fingers to the bone to finish this up before boarding that plane on Wednesday. The Creative Cottage Shopper was a new endeavor for me and it was kind of hard because it was pretty much all on my creative shoulders ( tho with LOTS of support from Sadie) but at the same time it was so fun to be able to use MY imagination and do whatever I wanted.

Anyway, the Creative Cottage Shopper is NOW available for sale. It it 8 pages of professionally printed, full color coupons, tutorials and tips for fans of shabby, chippy, cottage style goodness The coupons offer exclusive savings for CCS readers and include freebies and discounts up to 40%. It is only $4 and available here or here. We look forward to learning what you think of our first issue!!