31 March 2009

and she's off...

Not THAT kind of off, though come to think of it I have been feeling a bit off when it has come to getting organized for this trip. I think I have had too much going on, too many iron's in the fire. Anyway, I think I am packed and pretty much ready to go. Greg stopped off and got me a new book and magazine for the plane and I am OFF TO ARTFEST!!

I am super excited because not only because its ArtFest but Shosh & Mike are going for their first time too and it adds to the excitement.

I will check in when I get back ( its going to be nice to be computer free for 5 days.. largely because I am having a lot of neck and shoulder pain) and until then here are a few pictures of some new cards and stuff I have been making...


  1. Love your cards!

    Take Care - Robin

  2. Have fun Heather!!! your cards are lovely...i like how you used those pretty laces!!!

  3. Heather, I'm LOVING the cards you made!! beautiful!

  4. HEather what beautiful cards!
    I hope you have/had an wonderful time at Artfest!

  5. Beautiful cards!!! Lucky you - Going to ArtFest. I can't wait to hear about your adventures.