28 February 2009

we have a winner and other business...

Sorry, I am a bit late on posting the winner of my JUNQUE giveaway. I used the random number thingie and it chose number 34 which is ROBIN from A Robin's Nest. Congratulations! Please send me your snail mail and I will send off a fun back of inspiration to you.

Thanks to everyone who commented and showed interest in participating in a Bloggy Garage Sale. I AM going to host one over the weekend of April 17-19. Details will be forthcoming, but mark your calendars. I will also have a fun button that everyone can post on their blogs to show they are participating. If you are interested and want to be on my emailing list for the group, please email me or comment here so I can add you. I will only email regarding this event.. so no spam.. ever.

In other news. I have made a commitment to myself to get my LolliShop stocked. I am going to be adding some note cards like those shown in this post as soon as I get them stamped (waiting for my new business stamp) and I will have other vintagey goodies to share. I have been hoarding cute old padded hangers and I plan to spruce them up with pretty millinery and ribbons, plus old chandelier crystals and boxes of trims.. lots of good stuff coming. Yay.

Finally, Sadie Lou of LolliShops and I are working on a fun project together that we will be sharing with the masses in the not too distant future. I am not supposed to be talking about it but I am about to burst with excitement so check back.


  1. I'd love to be a part of the bloggy garage sale! Please count me in!

  2. Thanks for the giveaway Heather! I sent you my snail mail info. I might be interested in participating in your garage sale idea if I had a little more info on how it will work...please keep me posted!

  3. These cards are SO BEAUTIFUL! You always amaze me Heather. I don't know where you find the time to do everything. Do you ever sleep?? (speaking of sleep -- I'll see you in 31 sleeps!!!)

  4. Congratulations to Robin! You sound like you really have alot on your plate. Can't wait to hear more about the yard sale.

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  6. Oops...sorry Heather. I made a boo-boo on my previous comment so let me try this again.

    Congratualtions Robin and a huge THANK YOU to you Heather for your generous give-away.
    Have a great week.
    3/2/09 9:59

  7. Heather...I LOVE all the cards. So incredibly cute!

  8. What pretty cards... I can't wait to read more about the secret project...

  9. Heather, your notecards are just stunning!!! i love how you embellished all of them, they are lovely...great colors too!!!

  10. Your cards are gorgeous! I Love the use of the vintage wallpapers. You mean we're actually supposed to use our supplies? Imagine that. ha I'm all for a bloggy garage sale. Please count me in for your emails.

  11. I love *love* ~*LOVE*~ the card you sent me for my birthday! I am keeping it at my "creative station" and look at it every day. :)

    And I'll participate in the blog-sale!

  12. I want to participate in your garage sale!

  13. Count me in for the bloggy garage sale!!!!

  14. Can't remember if I emailed you about wanting to be kept in the loop about your Bloggy Garage Sale event, but if I didn't, then I am now! I NEED TO GET RID OF STUFF!
    (P.S. - I can totally relate to your comment about news about cancer...we just got news of a family member & a friend being diagnosed.)


  15. hi there -

    i would love to be part of the garage sale - please count me in.
    looking forward to the details.

    Beautiful cards.