06 January 2009

The one about Valentine's Day coming..

Hey all, I have so much to blog about after my trip to So. Cal to visit Joleen and Karin but I came home with a yucky cold and have just been in a funk. I have lots of pix to share soon but I wanted to hop in here and post about the latest card swap I am hosting.

Last summer I hosted a Summer Card swap and then followed it up with a Holiday swap. The cards that came out of those swaps have been fabulous and I have been sticking to my plan to NOT BUY any cards. I have used some of the cards I have received and gotten fun feedback from the recipients. If you are ready to gear up with your New Year's art and crafting, this might be a fun way to jump in. Here are the guidelines.

• 6 for 6 OR 12 for 12 cards.
• Greeting cards WITH envelopes that are mailable.
• Valentine’s themed. Have fun!!
• Cards DUE to me by Friday, January 30.
• PLEASE include a self addressed address label and $3.00 in cash or stamps to cover return postage. Int’l players be sure to include enough to return to you.

• Please EMAIL ME to sign up at which time I will send you my address. Cheers!

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  1. I read about your visit over on the chaos blog!! What fun!!!!!

    BTW, check the blog, I tagged ya.