26 December 2008

Happy After Christmas

Yay, Santa was very good to me this year. Amongst the wish list items I requested and received was this fab print my Jennifer Mercede. I can't wait to get a frame for it and put it on the wall my my side of the bed. I also got Danny Gregory's new book from my hubby and the new computer cord that was MUCH needed from my Dad. Santa brought us a Wii (so fun) and a baby guinea pig which Hannah has named "Cookie." I have been very negligent in taking pictures, opting to just try to be in the moment and enjoy spending the days with my family. Tomorrow we are off to see the Nutcracker and spread out our holiday a bit longer. I hope everyone has been enjoying their Holidays and will revel a bit in the afterglow....
( I promise I will take pictures soon. I have 12 days of goodies to share from my dear pal Martha!)


  1. welll

    i ~*stumbled*~ on you
    {{ and am glad i did }}
    i do like
    your Christmas present print
    but mostly

    i like your banner
    wanted you to know...


  2. Hi Heather,

    Thanks for the cute Christmas postcard featuring the sweet Miss H on the front. Hope you and the family have a wonderful New Year!

  3. Happy New Year Heather!!!

  4. I just love your darling banner...Have a wonderful and happy New Year Pinkie

  5. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year--I miss you!
    I *NEED* a break!!

  6. Hap, Hap, Happy New Year from The ParTea Planner! Best of love, memories and good health for 2009!


  7. Happy belated Christmas. Sounds like it was a good one! Ours was wonderful too.
    and yes...that's good ole Perry now living at our house. haha

  8. i really hope you get a chance to read this because i just HAD to let you know that your work in somersets valentine publication *in love* was just stunning! i love the fact that you used a book for the dollar store but yet - the end result looks priceless. also each page you worked on for the other girl's books were breathtaking!!! congrats on getting the amazing oppurtunity to not only work with those talented women, but also being in somerset!! ;o)~
    xoxo, nikki

  9. Happy New Year to you girly!

  10. Love that print! So cool. I used to look at Danny Gregory's blog all the time. It's a great blog. You need to tell me about the book. Seems his blog was as fun to read as it was to look at. Wonder if the book is the same way.
    I am so glad we DON'T have a guinea pig. Jackson is wanting a hampster, but I really think he'll be happier with pigmy goats. I mean I can just picture walking into his room and seeing that poor little hampster tied up to a hitching post in his farm/ranch set up. I think we better wait til spring and go with the pigmy goats.

  11. Great prestent!! That print is so lively, just looking at it should bring lots of smiles in the new year!

  12. Heather just wishing you a Merry!!!xoxox Jennifer