06 January 2009


My good pal Lora tagged me with this fun little meme.
Here are the rules, though I had to cheat a bit because my 4th folder was full on kindergarten pix that I can't use. I used the fourth image in my main picture folder. Shhh ;)

* go to your 4th picture folder
* go to the 4th picture in the folder
* tell everyone 4 things about that picture
* tag 4 more people

- So this is my daughter, Hannah.
- She is modeling a crown that I made for my friend Joleen's sister, Aimee's bridal shower. Aimee got married in November and Joleen took pix that you can see here.
- Hannah is wearing her pajamas in the picture.
- Hannah is super cute!!

Pretty concise but not much else to tell about this picture. Here are a couple of other shots of Hannah from our trip down to So Cal where Joleen surprised Hannah and her former charge with a New Year's Eve trip to Libby Lu for make overs. They were a bit hesitant at first but ended up having a total blast! Thank you so much Auntie Joleen!

Now Joleen, Karin, Martha and Karla.. tag, you're it!


  1. eeekkk cuteness.
    i loved libby lu when taylor was younger.
    they are so cute when they come out of there.
    happy new years.


  2. Wasn't that a fun meme!!!! I liked it!

  3. Cute@ I love the randomness of this tag! Funny, really, we'll have to see what starts showing up on blogland (if everyone plays honest!!!). Smiles! Heidi

  4. Cute! We don't have any linny lu's here, but we should!!

  5. awwwwwwwwww:) she is just adorable Heather!!!