04 September 2008


I have been continuing on, although sometimes slower than I would like, with the purging and rearranging of our home. I have so many dreams and plans and I really am trying to get them to fruition. And, although things are slowly leaving this small, cluttered space and I have more room I have not been making much effort at displaying the things that I love and want to keep. Sometimes I feel like it is pointless when it so readily gets overtaken by the myriad kindergarten papers that come into our home, or barbies, their wardrobes and tiny shoes strewn from one end of the living room to the other. But recently I have realized that it might be a little important (a least to me) to take a little time and effort to arrange these things in a pleasing manner.
I think it was when Brian and I were hired by Adair of Alice Adair and 2nd Street Interiors.

Initially intimidated by her requests, I talked with her some more and we hit it off immediately. I'd say not a day has gone by in the last week when we haven't talked to each other. Its so awesome and I feel so blessed when that happens. Anyway, as part of the inspiration for her website, I asked Adair to send me some pictures of things that inspire her.. this is one of my common requests with clients, but have to say that I was just stunned when I received two emails loaded with pictures from her accessories shop within a shop. Her sense of style resonates with me and also confirmed to me that its ok to mix quirky combinations of things. I cannot wait until her shop is live so you all can see for yourselves what an amazing sense of style she has. I have already purchased things from her sample pictures. I think I am wandering again...

Lamenting the fact that my shelves with cluttered with stuff and looked jumky, Adair convinced me to share photos of what I had to work with as embarassing as that was for me. She has offered up some fun, and cheap solutions and most importantly has gotten me thining in "vignettes" instead of this whole room and the piles of toys and magazines. Also, I have learned to accept that its ok that I don't have stacks of vintage books laying around purely for decoration, that my "every day inspiration" art books make a fine foundation for the whimical and ecclectic things I like to surround myself with. I am still working on it but I am off to a good start. Thanks Adair!


  1. OMG! I got practically all those books. :)

    Great minds think alike.

  2. Ooh I recognise that nest and the cupcakes (wink!)
    I can't wait to see the new shop you've been working on with Brian, I bet it will be fabulous of course!
    Thanks for your sweet encouragement on my blog today dear! xo

  3. Great!!!
    Have a nice weekend.

  4. you are an absolute darling. yep, that's what you are.

    can't tell you how much I appreciate how you "get me" and can put the visual to the image inside my head.

    you are a talent and marvel. (and if you keep telling me I intimidate you, I might go whackadoo. LOL)

    love you lots!

  5. Great Blog, I'm glad I stopped by. Fun stuff & Art.

  6. Great idea to look at your home with several vignettes!

  7. Your vignettes look great! Very inspiring! Maybe someday I'll move beyond the piles of boxes and be able to unearth my beautiful things.

  8. I'm really, really trying to do the same.....I'm finding it hard to let go of things.....

  9. Since "display" is one of many jobs at work, I tend to do it at home as well, even when I don't mean to. LOL. I think that whatever you do will be wonderful. Love that little basket with the birdie!


  10. Hi Heather,

    That's great!

    Oh, and I am so happy to see you will be coming to AFF this year. Super.


  11. I love everything you touch..thanks for your kindness on my blog today sweetgirl Jennifer