07 September 2008

Take two.. and Five..

Aren't these the cutest faces? Hannah had four of her best buddies over Saturday, along with family, to help her celebrate her 5th birthday! Despite the 100+ degree weather we had, we all had so much fun playing, splashing and tie-dying t-shirts for the kids' favors. My hands are now dyed a multitude of colors but it was worth it to see how much they enjoyed it and to be able to offer up a party favor with no calories and not made of cheap plastic made in China.

As usual, my Mom made Hannah's birthday cake. This year she ordered a "pink Littlest Pet Shop cake" and Nana came through. Look how cute this is! It was yummy too. I am still kind of in shock thinking about where these last 5 years have gone. It wasn't that long ago that we were up nights feeding and soothing and changing diapers. We have had a rough year with her health-wise so it was great to usher in her birthday with her in good health and no stitches, casts or inhalers.

Happy Birthday my Baby!

As if her birthday wasn't excitement enough, on Friday, her actual birthday, she lost ANOTHER tooth. Two teeth in the matter of a week. I love this little toothless grin. Just in time for school pictures. ;)


  1. Heather, your sweet girl and all her pals are adorable! I LOVE the idea of the tie-died t-shirt as a party favor. I'm so glad she's happy and healthy... and what a great school picture that will be! It's amazing how much she looks like you.

  2. How fun and what a sweet smile!

  3. Absolutely adorable -- and that cake your mom made? Wow.

    So... does the Tooth Fairy pay more for birthday teeth? ;)

  4. How adorable! Your little one and the cake, that is. I love it when they have toothless grins. Your mom is quite talented. The cake is so pretty!

  5. I love the fun colors on the cake, it is too cute!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Little One!