02 September 2008

catching up...

Sometimes when faced with that empty white box, do you feel like you have nothing to say? I seem to be in a blogging rut, I'm just not feelin' it and not feelin' like anyone cares. This here will probably just be a bunch of rambling...

So, its Sept 2... ArtFest registration day! Today is the day that all hopeful Artfesters will rush out to post offices around the country to procure that magical postmark to gain a spot in the oft sold out creative event hosted by Teesha & Tracy Moore. I am planning to go again and am excited to be sharing a room with my wonderful friend Martha who I met at ArtFest 2007 when we both attended. We will be in a house with none other than Ruth Rae! Ruth and I had "met" before AF 2007 through swaps and emails and blogs and we had planned to meet in person at AF. It was 2 days in when I finally ran into her. Of course we were both running late for our classes so we only had time to give each other a quick hug. I am looking forward to spending more time with her at AFF in October and then the whole week next year in April. Yes, I am excited already. If anyone else is going to either of these events, please let me know!

In other news, Hannah was pleased that the toothfairy left her $3 and Littlest Pet Shop toy for the loss of her first tooth. Yesterday we discovered that her other lower tooth is quite loose so we are anticipating another fairy visit by the end of the week. I still have not made her a toothfairy pouch or pillow. Friday is a big day for the wee one. She will be 5!! I am still in utter disbelief that 5 years have passed. I mean, I JUST brought her home from the hospital!! Wow, you Mom's are right, the time certainly does fly.. and I know she will be leaving for college in the blink of an eye. She is doing MUCH better in school, has made some friends and the tears have stopped. I can't say so much for her chattering but her teacher will work on that with her. Thanks to those of you who have offered support and memories of your own.

In the coincidence report... I was reading my dear friend Tracie Lyn's blog today. She spent part of the weekend flea market shopping and scored a darling vintage sewing basket which happens to be the SAME basket I found when I was in OK thrifting with my girls, Donna & Holly. Talk about your small world. I am showing mine here since I had not shared it before and you can see Tracie's on her blog.
Incidentally, I am looking very much forward to seeing Tracie and her lovely MIL, Marylin at both AFF and AF too!

My sewing basket is filled with a few of the vintage linens I have dug up lately. I may have mentioned in passing that my Mom salvaged a bunch of stuff from her fiance's family farm a few months ago. Among the things we unearthed (and I mean that literally in some cases) were a lot of linens which got tossed in a box and buried in a pallet. I found the box before the rummage sale a couple of weeks ago but just got around to soaking and sorting them. Although many of the items are ripped, stained and chewed (mice) there are some beautiful pieces and lots to work with in art. I need to press them but I am excited to start sewing again. I have lots of ideas for ways to use these.


  1. wow, the tooth fairy has really increased her rates! A little friend of ours pulled two teeth today so he could get some money....too funny. Love the linens....

  2. How exciting that Hannah has lost her first tooth and it sounds like she got quite a haul from the tooth fairy. You are right about time flying when you have kids. It seems like only yesterday that my daughter was loosing her teeth (I have a similar photo in the same pose as Hannah) and now she is getting married! Be sure you take time to enjoy all these fun times while she is young.

    Talk about coincidences, I have that same sewing basket too! Mine has pinkish flowers on the lid and I just love it. Now I wish I had bought the pink one they had at the time.


  3. I know what you mean about blogging...and sometimes not having something you feel like blogging about, but I just had to tell you that we definitely DO care. :)

    I, for one, can tell you that I am always happy when I visit and see a new post.

    So, I guess...post when you feel like it, and if you're gone for a few days, know you will be missed.


  4. I love the tooth fairy.....such fun! Hopefully someday I will be able to attend a fabulous event with fabulous teachers!

  5. What a nice tooth fairy! I enjoy your blog and all your new posts I try to visit everyday.
    Those linens are great. Hugs Grace

  6. How am I just finding your lovely blog? I can't wait until I have some free time to read your posts!

    I love your vintage sewing basket and linens. It is probably a blessing that the linens are a bit ripped and torn ~ then you won't feel so guilty about using them in your art.

  7. I am SO EXCITED about ArtFest! I wish that I was coming to ArtFiberFest too. Oh, well, I can't be greedy....
    That sewing basket must be a popular one! I bought the same one for Lauren at a church sale last year!