10 August 2008

tell us about the kittens...

One of the high points to our trip to Oklahoma was that Donna's family has 4 kittens living with them. They are at that funny, cuddly, playful age that meshes so well with 5 year old (or close to) children. As Donna shared in an earlier post, we spent a fair share of time constructing cat condos for the kittens to play in. The condo in Donna's picture met with an untimely squishing by the garage door so I had to build a new condo out of a microwave oven box and three more of her shipping boxes. It was either a 4 story "cat high rise" or a long tunnel depending on which way is was situated. In addition to the hottest hours being spend indoors playing with kittens and napping with kittens, Jackson and Hannah took the kitties on to the play structure in the back where they played "kitten pirate ship" and performed a "kitten circus". Mostly, their favorite game was "Kitten Ranch" which included leather gloves, lassos and miniature fencing. All in all, I think all of them (the kittens and kids) had a grand week. Hannah was very disappointed that she could not bring her favorite kitten, "Alvin", home with her on the plane, but agreed it would not be nice to make Jackson cry by taking one of his kittens. She has since begun a campaign for a kitten of her own.. I guess we'll see.


  1. heh soooo cute! it looks like she had a great pal and tons of fun with kitties! wouldn't you rather have a pug though? maybe a black one.. that's about 8 months.. really yappy? ;)

  2. Love that face! I wish I wasn't allergic to kitties. I'd roll around with that little kitty and kiss its face!