11 August 2008

Oklahoma Flea...

One of the highlights of traveling to Oklahoma was getting to go to the flea market with Holly & Donna. Holly is always telling me about the great finds she gets there so I was anxious to check it out for myself. We didn't exactly break the doors down with an early arrival but I was happy with what I came away with in the time we spent there...

My "find of the day" was this box of old flash cards. There is a whole set with illustrations on one side and the words in Spanish on the other. On some of them someone has practiced writing the English words which adds a bit of extra charm. Also in the box were the colored flash cards which have really cute illustrations in addition to English and Spanish words for each. The whole box was $1. I asked, "each??" and the lady said, "no for the whole box." I tell ya I couldn't get my money out fast enough. At the same booth, Hannah got a cute old toy horse.

After leaving that booth I found Donna & Holly who were checking out furniture for a specific space in Donna's living room. She picked up a really cute chippy shelf and the three of us split a big bunch of vintage Christmas picks. They are the perfect amount of aged and sparkle and I just realized that I do not have a picture of them... I will take pix when my box arrives from OK which will HOPEFULLY be tomorrow.

Finally, we found a booth with 2 tables of $1 jewelry. It was fun to dig through it and even Hannah found some treasures. I am particularly smitten with the old square rhinestone buttons and a wee pearl bracelet. The little doll is from a different booth which was a fun find. I got some other little bits which will be fun to add to art projects and a handful of vintage Christmas ornaments to add to my wreath stash.

Even though these aren't from the flea market I wanted to share a picture of these yummy millinery flowers that Holly gave me. Thank You dear Holly!! Her stash is so wonderful and while these are not vintage they are so NICELY made that they sure would fool you. She has a nice selection in her shop, so if you need any yummy bits to embellish packages or artwork, please go check them out.
All in all it was a fun day. Next I will share my treasures from our day "antiquing", if my box will ever get here with the stuff I had to ship!! C'mon Fed Ex....


  1. Oh my! That's a haul of millinery! I don't think I even noticed all that. Wonder when the Fed Ex box will come? It seems to depend on how busy they are. Hopefully today. I still need to send your ornaments. I'll try to pack them up today:)

  2. karin@creativechaos8/12/08, 2:26 PM

    I love those flash cards.....

  3. What a fun little get-together that must have been! Cute stuff you found, too!

  4. All kinds of yumminess up in here!

  5. WHOO-HOO! Fun at the FLea! You gotcha some yummy stuff girl! Loving the millinery Holly gave ya!
    HOpe all is well sweetie! XO,Jenn

  6. Sounds like a fun time, and some good items to boot~

  7. I live in Ok...what flea market did you find all that fun stuff?