09 August 2008

a winner...

Congratulations to Susan at "Plays with Needles" for being the lucky number (#28) of my give away. My hubby was my "random number generator" and picked Susan to receive my mystery prize in the give away I posted back on July 29, before leaving to OK. Susan, if you'd please email me with your address I will pop this in the mail. :)

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I had a wonderful time and it was hard to leave. I teared up as Holly left us the night before my departure and at the Starbuck's on the way to the airport and even as Donna drive away after leaving us in departures. It was super hard to leave those girls, my kindred spirits. I have yet to upload my pix from my camera so I don't have that to share yet. I will try to get to that later tonight or tomorrow.

What I DO have to share however, is the contents of that mystery package I blogged about in the give away post. I still have not listed them in my Etsy shop but hope to get them up tomorrow. They were a lot of fun to make and have sparked so many other ideas for the future. Presenting my "Wall Flowers" gift enclosures. They are small business card sized note cards that are great for adding to gifts and packages. All of them are created using vintage wallpaper which I scanned and manipulated to create message areas. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.


  1. That is so clever. I see that your muse is back. It is so great that you could use two of your favorite things...wallpaper and your computer skills to come up with something so lovely.


  3. Love these note cards, what an awesome idea!