28 June 2008

wow, the sky IS blue...

Yeah, so I had kind of forgotten what color the sky was supposed to be. We're going on week 2, or is it 3, of smoke. Its been so hazy and dirty here from all the fires in CA. I have lived here my entire life and do not remember it EVER being this bad. ugh.

We went over to the coat this afternoon for a couple of hours to celebrate my Mom's birthday at one of our favorite, fun restaurants and while it wasn't completely clear over there it was a breath of fresh air, literally. I tell you it felt great to breathe some clean, ocean air and a nice surprise to see a glimpse of blue sky when we returned home. That darned wind actually came in a bit handy today.

Not much else to report around here. I have been back on the purging band wagon. I cleared out 3 plastic tubs of fabric and random stuff from my storage space and made a BIG box to send up to Teesha for the AFF Art Asylum room. Yesterday I gave myself permission to get rid of gifts and knicky knacks that I don't like and cleared out some more space in my living room AND I busted my way into the studio and started getting rid of stuff from in there too. My goal is to have it organized and office ready by the time Hannah goes back to school at the end of August. I am trying to be ruthless. Wish me luck....


  1. We saw blue sky for the first time yesterday, too! We live in the East Bay area, near Mt. Diablo. Usually a beautiful place to live, but not last week!

  2. Good Luck! (I suck at purging):)

  3. Hi Heather,
    I saw on the news... I do hope that all of the fires are out soon and that some rain comes without lightening!
    I do wish you luck cleaning...seeems to be a popular choice lately and I do believe I want to join in that for sure!
    Blessings to your daughter!

  4. YOU GO GIRL...and then come on over to MY house to help ME purge!

  5. OMG! you're so motivated! i need to do the same thing in my tiny house. i can barely breathe in there! and thank goodness the smoke had cleared abit. it's been KILLING my allergies and it's hard to be creative when you feel like crapola!

  6. You go girl! Cleaning things out can be stressful but so liberating! I'm thinking of you with the fires. Stay safe.

  7. We have been seeing the fires on our news programs in Australia.
    Have fun cleaning!!!