30 June 2008

kid art

When Hannah was a baby I used to dream about when she would be old enough to do art with. Ever since she could hold a paint brush or crayon we have given her all kinds of art supplies to play with. She has been using a real needle and thread since she was 3 and is interested in painting, drawing, sewing, etc. As she started showing that interest is has been really fun to watch her as she grew in her ability and start recognizing the things she was drawing and creating. I find her drawing in little notebooks all the time but she doesn't always share what she is up so and I don't pry. Today I found this lying on my computer table.. isn't it cute? I am amazed at the leap she has made in the last month. Aren't these faces cute? She informed me that they are Penny & Zoe, our two cats. She did a great job because Penny is a bit bigger and her ears are more round than most cats. It just makes me smile... I love little kid art.


  1. Heather what a sweet drawing Hannah has done.

  2. I love kid art, too. I have all the stuff my 12 year old has done. You should get a necklace made with...I read about it somewhere...you send in your child's artwork and they make jewelry from it. Or have it made into a rubber stamp. They are really cute. But you should frame the original and start a Hannah Gallery.

  3. I know what you mean - I LOVE kiddy art - I love that they just draw what the want with no rules and the results are always delicious and bring a smile. These kitties are just so yummy!!