01 July 2008

Happy Birthday Hannah Grey

As many of you know I was one of the founders of Hannah Grey Curiosities & Drygoods. A bit over a year ago I decided I needed to leave to handle some person upheaval that was happening in my family but Shosh kept on and has been working really hard to keep HG going. I have continued to lend my moral support, do shows and work on the design team and as a consultant behind the scenes. It is exciting to me that Hannah Grey turns THREE today and to celebrate they are offering 25% off of orders of $15 or more TODAY ONLY and 10% thru the rest of the week. I hope you will run over and check out the cool art goodies that she sells.

Happy Birthday Hannah Grey!!


  1. ohhh i love shosh !! and her wonderful little store !!! thanks for the birthday wishes too !!!

  2. wow 3 years!! That's awesome!! I remember when you all were just setting it all up. YEAH that it's still going strong!

    Hey...did you get any snail mail lately from me?

  3. Hey, I LOVED water for elephants, it was a great book, and I am glad you posted about it!!! Jen

  4. Well, maybe you'll see this as related (I do -- and I love your blog)--

    I am tagging you--
    Please list 7 hopes and/or wishes that you currently have on your blog, and tag seven others to do the same. Perhaps some little known facts or quirks will come out about you in the process of your sharing these with us (or perhaps there's someone out here who can help make your wishes come true!).

  5. Hi heather--just stopping in to say I miss ya and I hope you return all safe & sound.
    Call me Chica!
    I actually have a fancy schmancy business meeting at 2:30 and then I am volunteering with the youth group tonight at 7 so we may have to get in touch tomorrow.