24 January 2008

you may already be a weiner.... (I mean winner)

Hey all, I drew names via the random number generator last night but I was too tired to post the winners of my 515th post give away. I have been burning the midnight oil lately keeping an eye on wheezy here. She is better as far as the croup goes but now it sounds like it is moving down into her chest. Since she has a history of bronchitis I am taking her back to the doctor today to make sure she is on the road to recovery. This is getting old for BOTH of us. So, without further ado, here are the winners for my give away.

First, and the winner of the "HOME" banner kit is SUSAN of Romantic Portuguese Roses.

Next, Miss Danielle from The Vintage Dragonfly is the winner of the "WISH" banner. Thanks Danielle for spreading the word of Bernie's rescue and supporting her cause. I know it is as close to your heart as it is to mine.

And finally, the winner of the Prize Pack which I will assemble specially for the winner is the lovely Maija of Maigirlz who is a buddy and fellow Bernie supporter.

If you lovely ladies would be so kind as to email me your mailing addresses I will get these treasures out to you asap. Thanks to everyone who entered and especially those who made donations to support Bernie. If you meant to but have not gotten around to it, its not to late to help out with the race for the $50,000 grant. Just click over to my side bar and make a $10 donation. Every little bit helps!!

I will post the Valentine pages a bit later on. The image up top is another little book I made in hopes of sending it off to my friends to do a page or two in round robin style. I want to do a couple more pages in it before sending it off to my dear friend Holly, who as agreed to add some of her own artwork to it.


  1. congrat's to the winners! such treasures to behold!

  2. lucky girls, all of them!

  3. Hey, just checking in with your blog and I wanted to send my healing vibes your way! I am so sorry to hear about all of your scary times and so glad to hear that your daughter is on the mend. Sending lots of love out to California!

  4. Sassafras & LuLu1/24/08, 6:29 PM

    Congratulations gals!!! ENJOY!

    Hope little one is on the mend very,very soon!

  5. This is gorgeous and congrat's to Portuguese Roses ( have to check out THAT link)

    And thank you for posting that button for the BERNIE donations. I went to the site and I couldn't get the Paypal donation button to work ! (it wouldn't show up !- strange) ..so thennnn, I was going to send the money and did I ? no it is almost a week later and I forgot ! So thank you thank you thank you, so glad it is not too late.

    Love, S.

    ps- I love that new banner of yours!

  6. oh I misunderstood. I wrote before looking. well I tried the sidebar link again and at the site it says "this badge does take paypal" but I have empty space above and below ( no not between my ears ! I am serious ! I don't find a button to donate on either my mac or the pc at work....hmmmmm....)

  7. Congrats to all who won! Just found your blog and LOVE it. Beautiful work. I'm new to this so I'm thrilled to find you, especially in CA. You've got talent! Hope your little one is better. M :-)