22 January 2008

"pea" update

Thanks to everyone who has sent well wishes and good vibes to us over the past few days. The little is doing better but not out of the woods yet. There have been a few long nights for me as I have gone to check on her regularly, prop her up, fill the humidifier, etc. The "croup" seems to be breaking down but moving down as well. I took her to see a pediatrician at our health plan clinic today and she said that it has moved from the throat but she can still hear some breathing difficulty and wheezing. It has not been diagnosed as asthma per se but it is being treated as such for now. She now has inhalers to use daily until it is cleared up and then the rescue inhaler to have on hand always, just like Mommy. She will be home for a least a couple more days but we are hoping she can return to school Friday. She misses her friends and teacher and miss a little peace and quiet ;) although I DO enjoy the extra snugglies that she has been doling out. I'll post another update when we pull completely out of the woods...

In other news, I have been busy on my laptop while sitting with the pea. I just completed a new banner for Heather at Pretty Petals. It was fun to work with her lovely images and use the sweet cherubs from a vintage baby book she recently acquired. In other design news, I got two sets of business cards back from the printer this week. Its so exciting to open each box, like a mini Christmas morning cracking open the flap and getting a whiff of paper and then seeing little printed treasures like these:
bunny cards
and these:

Finally, tomorrow is the drawing for my 515th post give away. There is still time to enter up until I draw the name. I will also share more of my Vintage Valentine Round Robin pages.


  1. Oh, I am so glad your daughter is doing better, My children have had that and it is so scary and makes you
    feel so helpless, I love the blog banner you made for your friend Holly
    so lovely, and if its not too late I'd love to be entered into your drawing thank you Pinkie Denise

  2. Hi Heather hope you little darling is doing a lot better now. My youngest - now 24 - had croup that then developed into asthma. It is a scary time when they get so ill with it.
    Love the banner you did for Heather at Pretty Petals. Holly and Joys business cards look fabulous.

  3. Debra Johnson1/22/08, 11:22 PM

    I'm sooo sorry to hear that your little one was so ill ~ very scary to read about and made me instantly grateful that my own night had not been filled with that. ( I wish yours had not been either) *Remembering to be thankful for everyday that they are well:) I have had some nights like that in the past...and I was right there with you as I read your account of your eveing. )Sounds like she is still recovering....I hope she makes a full recovery and will be up, out and about very soon.

    I loved your cards and the new banner you created...so beautiful!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  4. i hope your little sweetie is all better soon, i'm glad she is headed in that direction now:)
    the business cards you did for Holly and Joy are just amazing!!! WOW!!!

  5. Sassafras & LuLu1/23/08, 4:25 AM

    Hope each day is bringing your babe better health. They do miss their little friends!!!

    Your artwork for the banner and business cards is wonderful as all the other banner's you have done that I have seen!!

  6. Hi Heather...I was just reading about your scare! I too had a similar experience that started when my four year old was 2. Ended up 3 days in the hospital...asthma attack that turned into pneumonia. Every spring and fall the same thing happens but he seems to be outgrowing it a bit! Thank god for nebulizers!!!! I am sorry you had to go through such a scare! I am glad for you both that she is doing better! By the way, LOVE the business cards...just beautiful!!!!

  7. So happy to hear that H is doing better and I will pray she continues to get better. I love the new banner you did for Heather and the business cards are fabulous!

  8. aww I hope your sweet pea is better soon! I love the new banner you made "beautiful" Hugz Grace

  9. Hi Heather, so glad to hear that your lil angel is getting better!

    Love Heathers new banner...its sooooo her!

    Hugz, Dolly

  10. On my way to take a peek at that new banner... glad to hear your lil one is on the mend. the snuggletime is the best......

  11. I love the banneer you designed....I hope your daughter gets better fast....It sure isn't fun sitting up with a sick child!

  12. glad to hear things are improving!

  13. Oh gosh, you had me teary at your description. My daughter had a vicious and fast-spreading pneumonia at that age and I think I lost 10 years of my life the morning I woke up to her little blue lips. Bless you both and I hope she feels better soon.

  14. I am glad your daugher is feeling better!! I LOVE LOVE your new fab blog banner! I also adore your glittery goodies you've posted!

  15. I am SO GLAD that she is doing better . Lauren was hospitalized with pneumonia at 9 months. I think that the most terrifying thing that can happen to anyone is for a child to get sick -- You just want to do everything to make them better -- and you feel so helpless when you can't. I'm sending all of my good karma/happy thoughts your way, Heather!

  16. Wow that must have been very scary for all of you glad to hear she is doing better. The business cards look great, keep up the great work.


  17. I'll be praying tonight for the little Pea to get better soon!
    I also might want some business cards to go with my new banners!!
    I love your work you little genius you.

  18. I'm so sorry your little sweetie was sick, I hope that by now she is completely on the mend. Your work is nothing short of amazing, just so well done, and beautiful

  19. Heather,
    So glad she is feeling better. Isn't it frightening when they are sick like that? Really puts things in perspective.
    I know what you mean about the extra cuddles, i don't like my kids being sick, but sure like the cuddles.