24 January 2008

a little love...

As promised here are the pages I did in Laura's Vintage Valentine Round Robin book. We were each asked to use one of the included "folders" of paper for our page(s). I cut mine into a heart shape.. it IS Valentine's Day after all. This little cupid with the heart is the sort of "intro" page.. then I did this fun spread inside...

It was fun and sized just right to use some of my stash of Dresden wings. Lots of layers of paper peeled back and gesso'd and rubbed with ink, some glitter and lace trim.. yummy. Then on the back we were supposed to do something simple with our name so I added a little heart and some more glitter. Also, here is a close up of the inside spread. I am really happy with the way this turned out. I have worked in 3 of 6 books in this "mini" round robin (including mine) and I am really enjoying it. Its so low pressure and fun. I find that my muse really lets go when I work in a book. Now if I can just continue that trend.

Finally, just a mini update on the wee "B". She has had a worse cough today so I took her back to the pediatrician who says he can hear more wheezing and that she has a middle ear infection which isn't helping seeing that all that "plumbing" is interconnected. Two more days of liquid steroids and 10 days on antibiotics along with her inhalers. Hopefully she can go back to school next week. She is really missing it and going stir crazy because we have been cooped up all week with cold rainy weather.


  1. oh your poor little lamb, i feel so badly for her:( it is no fun when the little ones are sick!!!

    your book pages look wonderful Heather!!! and i love the new banners that you made that i see popping up all over blogland:)you do beautiful work!!!

  2. Hope your little one is soon feeling better.
    Love your book.

  3. i love all the rr pages that i have seen. one is just more fab than the last. awesome!
    have a great weekend!

  4. I hope H feels better soon. Poor dear.

    Your hearts are gorgeous! I love them. Very beautiful.


  5. I love the pages!! hope the little one gets better soon!!

  6. I will be praying for your child. The valentine you made is beautiful...Smiles

  7. hope your little one gets well soon. Your book pages are fabulous. I love the banner you made for Heather of Pretty Petals. Just lovely!

  8. Karin (creativechaos)1/28/08, 8:41 AM

    Poor thing! The boys have been sick over here too....On the bright side..I LOVE your valentine pages! Just beautiful!!

  9. Holly Abston1/29/08, 5:11 AM

    This book is so so beautiful. I LOVE The heart page(s). Poor little Hannah. I'll keep praying for her.