28 January 2008

Good news on a Monday

GOOD NEWS. This little one is feeling well enough today that she went back to school. Her little friends were happy to see her and greeted her warmly. She still has a terrible cough but it is intermittent and I think it sounds worse than it is. She has 5 more days of antibiotics and has not had to use her rescue inhaler for 2 days now. I think we're on the road to full recovery. I am just praying that Greg or I don't get it now.

I am trying to get back into the work groove. I have some packages to ship out of things from my Etsy shop and some business cards. If you are waiting on a package from me, THANK YOU for your patience. I am on task today.

I spent some quality time in my studio yesterday. Unfortunately much of it was spent purging and organizing but I managed to sticky up my hands a bit with glue while working on my Hip Hop Easter Swap (see sneak peeks) things and also another page in my own little RR book.

I am going to send it of to Ms Holly today and then we will see where the wind blows it.
Finally, I have been working with Sadie of Sadie Lou Who on a new business look. Its been super fun because this gal is all about whimsy and bright candy colors. I finished up her blog banner and am currently at work on business cards. Can't wait to see them come back from the printer and get her banners installed.


  1. Wonderful news about little H! I hope everyone stays healthy in your house. Sadie Lou is such a sweetie - I love the banner!

  2. Heather, i am glad your little is feeling better:)
    LOVE what you did for Miss Sadie Lou...the banner is SO her!!! great work as always!

  3. such good news! so glad she is feeling better!!!

  4. So great to hear she was doing better today!! I echo the hopes that you and Greg don't get sick. xoxo
    PS- Such a CUTE banner! :)

  5. It’s wonderful to hear that the pink is back in her cheeks....

    I hope mom can get some rest now…


  6. She looks bright eyed, happy and ready to move on !

  7. I'm so happy that she's on the road to recovery!!! I hope that you don't come down with it either. I'm getting sick right now and it stinks....

  8. Heather,
    Glad to hear it. She looks cute.

  9. Wewh, so glad to hear the little darling is doing better:) What a rough couple of weeks for you guys. Take care and stay healthy!

  10. Sadie Lou look sooo happy and healthy!! Yeah!!
    Bravo that things should be back to normal soon and you will be back to sleeping thru the nite...
    My creative juices are flowing, know exactly what I am going to make for our "banner" exchange...
    Enjoy the rest of your week

  11. Awwww, your daughter is beautiful! What a sweetie! I'm so glad she's doing better!!!

    *Hugs* Dara

  12. Dearest Heather,

    I have just been doing some blog catch up and was reading about Hannah. How absolutely terrifying that must have been for all of you. So glad to hear your little one is well on her way to a full recovery.


  13. i saw this the other day on her blog - it is adorable!
    xoxo kEcIa

  14. Yum, that soft purple velvet ribbon is so wonderful against the pink fluffy trim!!!!!