30 January 2008


UPDATE: As of 9:oo am PST Bernie has slipped to 5th place. There are only a few votes separating the top contenders. PLEASE make a donation if you can. I fixed the link below if you were having difficulty, blogger was acting up when I was publishing. Thanks to those of you who have donated!

Just popping in to remind everyone that there are only a few more hours to make a donation to Bernie's animal rescue and keep her in the running. As of 4:30 PST Bernie is in 3rd place with just a few votes in between each place. The TOP 4 US finishers will receive $50,000 each for their charities! The donations are based on unique donors NOT dollar amount. Just a minimum donation of $10 can make all the difference. PLEASE! If you have not done so and are able, make a donation directly by visiting THIS LINK.
Also, please spread the word to family and friends that might be willing and able to contribute. With everyone pitching in we can make this dream become a reality for Bernie and her animals! Thank You...

PS. LOOK who arrived here today after a Looooong plane ride. Meet Farrow!! Isn't she a cutie with that sassy red hair?

Meet Farrow



  1. Ooooh she is SO pretty!! :) Congratulations.

    PS - the link did not work (extra http) but I went through the link in your sidebar.

  2. You know I love this girl!!

  3. Joleen's right - the link doesn't work.
    Love Farrow's red hair!!!
    P.S. Check out my blog...I gave you an award!

    xo jeanne

  4. Darn it Heather! I never wanted one o those dolls until I saw the redhead one!!! I am going to have to smack both you, Shosh and maybe Maija!! LOL!!! It's YOUR fault ;)

    Hope you are doing well!!!


    Miss my San Jose buds!!!

  5. that farrow is a real looker!!
    you will have to keep an eye on her!!!

  6. lovely red hair! Please let us know what happens once all donations are in! I can't wait to hear!