05 February 2008

checking in...

I went out of town over the weekend to my visit my dear friend Linda. A small group of us often convene at her place over the Superbowl Sunday for what has been dubbed "Super Bead Sunday." While I have not beaded in some time I did take the opportunity to work on a charm bracelet I have been gathering charms for since the wee one was born. I have blogged about it before (somewhere here) and I actually attached all the charms thus far. In addition I assembled my bracelet for a mini round robin I am doing with Holly in which we will attach charms to each others bracelets until we are satisfied with their completion.

Pictured here is Angelina, who is Linda's new Pug puppy. She is almost a year old and had to find a new home quickly over Christmas when her families new home decided not to allow dogs. Linda adopted her and she has quickly become part of their little family. I never really cared for pugs until I met sweet little Angie. She is a "Victorian Pug" which is a longer more stretched out version. She is sooo sweet and we quickly became best friends. I miss her already.. she was my little shadow for the time I was visiting.

I returned with a yucky something in my sinuses and chest. I think I am going to have to start taking heavy doses of Mucinex because it feels like its a sticky honey consistency and hard to get out. Sorry for the mental picture there.. its just making me feel tired and lousy. I am busy working on several design projects and filling out the dreaded insurance claims for the emergency. I have various things I am trying to get posted on my Etsy shop as I continue my purge. I have already listed some JUNQUE packs and will have some other bits and bobs posted soon.

I received my Valentine Supplies Swap box from Jeanne over the weekend. Still need to take a picture but here is an image I swiped from her blog. I do have some other pretty things to share but those are going to have to wait until another day. I think I have rambled on long enough and need to get going on my day.... Hoping yours is a great one!

PS, the little seems to have made a full recovery so far. She is better rested, eating more and back to school. Thanks to everyone who sent their support and prayers.


  1. Angelina is so adorable. Super Bead Sunday sounds like a great idea. Very interested to see your bracelet. Love the swap box you received. Colors are great.

  2. what a cutie Angelina is!
    nice valentine box:) looks like a lot of pink yumminess is going on in there:)
    i hope you are feeling better soon!!

  3. ohh love the box of goodies...wonderful

  4. What a yummy goodie box! Get well soon!!
    ~Sadie Lou

  5. holly doodle designs2/6/08, 10:05 PM

    Yuk, Heather, sorry you're sick! Glad you had so much fun with your gal pals, though!

  6. Are you sick again? I just got over a 24 hour bug, but feeling better now. But the arrival of your Valentine Swap Box put a smile on my face. Thanks so much. I noticed we exchanged a couple of the same things...little white birds and the pink birdie...we really DO have the same taste!!!!
    Feel better soon,
    xo jeanne

  7. Oh MY! That is such a sweet little puggle! Hope you get better soon. I was sick a couple of times last year and I don't envy you a bit! Feel better,

    Kimberly McCabe
    Curiouser & Curiouser Designs