20 October 2007

the cut...



  1. oh boy........ good grief!!!! someone's going to have a short little bob soon!

  2. LOVE this post! and.....how did you do those pics? wonderful!!!!1

  3. I'm sorry...but I'm just cracking up looking at those pictures and knowing exactly what you're going through with a 4 year old...been there done that.....life is fun, huh ????

    She's very normal and typical...if that helps.

    Love how you did those pictures trimmed in masking tape...or at least that how it looks.

    Anyhow...I hope I'm not one of those people you are waiting on, am I ???

    I'm ready for my blog banner as soon as you are. Did those pics work that I sent you ????

  4. Ha! Usually it's the fringe that gets hacked off, luckily this haircut can be easily saved! Love this post!

  5. Hi there...Don't feel so bad, I think every kid does that at least once. A few years ago, my son who was three gave his 1 year old brother a haircut and then decided to cut his own. They both had bald spots all over their heads! I just started my own blog and was wondering if you could design a banner, etc for me? I love your work! Jennifer

  6. Oh goodness...
    Love the precious photos!

  7. I think it is kind of stylish! Mess it up with some gel and she's quite trendy.

  8. Well, Heather....all I can say, after seeing the haircut pics, is they ALL do it! Her photo shoot will be one that goes down in the memory books and be talked about for years and years. Besides, I have seen some celebrities these days who seem to be sporting the same look!

  9. It looks so retro 80s layered and British!

  10. karin (creativechaos)10/22/07, 5:58 PM

    OMG....I know I shouldn't laugh...... but the same thing happened with Carlos a few years back!!

  11. Ohmygosh.
    I know your sick about the "haircut".

    I dont' know how you did your photos and frames but I love them.

    :) Bren