21 October 2007

a little inspiration...

Autumn in upon us, and though it is harder to tell here in California compared to places with more distinct seasons and actual colors, we have been noticing some signs. There is a touch of color in our trees, a flash of gold, a hint of red. There are pumpkins everywhere, which makes us happy. I love this time of the year and the warm colors to go along with crisper weather and cool nights. We light more candles at this time of the year as the days grow dark much earlier than our long summer evenings. I tend to want to "nest" more, cuddle up with a good book and a cup of tea or coffee. Recently I ordered some new books, they are my treat from Laura, as she sent me a gift certificate as a thank you. THANK YOU Laura.. for these new additions to my bookshelf. I know how much you love books yourself so I know you know how I am feeling about these right now.
Last night I read Laurie Mika's book, "Mixed Media Mosaics" from cover to cover. Boy, did she have me ready to throw away everything and just play with polymer clay. I became a fan of Laurie's when I won a collaborative piece of artwork by her and Michelle Ward a couple of years ago. My major disappointment in deciding not to attend ArtFest next year is that Laurie is teaching and I will miss her classes. The other book I got is Corey Moortgat's "the Art of Personal Imagery". I haven't had the opportunity to read it yet but I can't wait. I love Corey's work and have one of her cool frames. I am sure this book will be wonderful too.

In swap news.. I received my fun little dresses back from Heather's Paper Dress swap. I love how she chose very coordinating dresses but from all different people. I hung them above our bed for now and they look darling there. Thanks to Heather and all the folks who participated to make this such a fun swap.

Paper Dress returns
Now I had vowed not to sign up for anymore swaps this year but Donna at Under the Red Roof (which is a new blog for me) is hosting a Christmas Tree Topper swap and that got me excited. I already have ideas swirling around and can't wait to get the details so I can get started. OK, so other than THAT swap and the 12 Days swap, that's IT! I need to work on gifts and getting stuff up in my Etsy shop. I swear.. really.. I think...


  1. OMG I like that tree topper idea!! I may have to do that!

  2. I think you will love Corey's book....I sure did. Lots of eye candy and ideas. I just made a book cover similar to one of hers because I love her style so much.
    Now I need to go and get that other book !!!
    You are a "swappy" girl aren't you ??? Oh well....like I tell my hubby...ast least I'm not addicted to anything that can harm me !!!

  3. I know how you feel. I very much start nesting this time of year as well. That haircut! Oh no! It looks like it was salvagable though - at least I hope so? The business cards you did for Jenny and Aaron are so awesome! I'm truly hoping to get Margot's photo done today or tomorrow. I expected to do it this weekend but I had my own mini crisis when Margot's eye was bruised during her grooming. Ugh. Had to go the vet and let's just say the whole thing did not make for a pretty photo. Can't wait to see what you come up with for that swap!

  4. I was sick that I missed the dress swap. So, you got one dress from 5 different participants?? What a cool idea. Gotta love that Heather R. The dresses are darling.
    I've been eyeing that Mixed Media Mosaics on Amazon. I'm just scared to get all excited about yet another medium. I don't have time to do what I already do!

  5. Oooba dooba!!! Glad you got some great books!!! I want to get the Corey one STAT!!! Looks right up my alley!

    Those paper doll dresses are divine!! Hope I can do something like that soon!!!

    Glad you found Donna's blog!!! She is so cool!

  6. i really want those books, they are on my very long amazon wish list...the paper dress swag is sooo cute!!!

  7. great dress garland! that swap was so fun
    jessi nagy

  8. karin (creativechaos)10/23/07, 9:05 AM

    I so want to get Cory's book. The minute I saw it I knew it had to be mine!! I think she is incredibly talented & I adore her style!

  9. What delightful little dresses :)

  10. The dresses are so cute! I know what you mean about feeling like "nesting" this time of year. It is just starting to cool down here in Texas, so I finally feel like fall is here. I have been wanting Corey's book- it's on my Christmas wish list.

  11. thanks for leaving a comment on my 100th post! Please e-mail me your address so I can send you a treat!

  12. O.K. Miss Heather, I think I am ready to have you design some business cards for me! I was just wanting to know what you charge. Thank You, Joy...www.thevintagerabbit.typepad.com

  13. Darn - darn - darn. After I read about those two books you mentioned, I decided that I "needed" them.

    I loved the picture of Hannah - such a cutie!!!