19 October 2007

Frustration Friday...

argh, maybe this is a new heading for a regular post.. I hope not. Everything has been going pretty well but today was the culmination of a bunch of little annoying things like people not returning emails, people waffling on decisions and the final straw... toddler haircuts. And if you are not already a parent cringing at the thought, let me spell it out.. toddlers (4 year olds) who snuck scissors out of the house to the play house and CUT.EACH.OTHERS.HAIR! NO! This is NOT good.. it is bad. Yes, it is a part of life but it is bad... because said toddlers have appointments with "Auntie Joleen" who is making a special trip up JUST TO TAKE THEIR PICTURES.. and well, to visit too but STILL! We (their collective parents) didn't really want to have portraits with bad 80's bi-level style cuts. I will take pix tomorrow before I try to get the damage repaired.. I can see a little of the humor in it now but when we saw the hair blowing around the backyard and the chunks of hair missing, I just cried. Oy...

Ok, changing the topic. I finished phase 1 of my 12 Days project. Thats a sneak peek up there. The next phase will be a bit more challenging for *me* because when it comes to sewing any kind of pattern type thingie I can be kind of impaired. I'm not a dummie but man, when it comes to sewing stuff together.. I can and will make every mistake in the book. I DID finish up an exciting project just in time for Jenny & Aaron to take them to Silver Bella... NEW business cards for the Everyday-Holiday duo. I can hardly wait to see them when they come back from the printer. I also finished up this fun banner for Karen at Cozy Couture...

Hope all is well with everyone else and you don't have as frustrating a weekend as I have had today.


  1. Wow, the cards you did for Jenny are fabulous! And the banner for Cozy Couture, just lovely! xo, suzy

  2. Bad haircuts before the most important photo shoot of their lives???? Oh poo!!! But I am sure with Joleen's talent they will look wonderful!!!!!

    Love your new work in this post!!

    I am bummed I could not get myself together to do the 12 days this year....so many great people in it this year!!! But there were great people last year and I have my memories of all the fun!!! You will have a blast!!! I am keeping up vicariously!!!!!

  3. oh no not the hair!!! i'm waiting in anticipation to see these 80's hairdos. LOVING the work you have been doing, that card for Jenny & Aaron is my fave!

  4. I've been down the haircut road! Luke (my almost 13-year-old) did it a couple of times, but nothing rivaled when he cut off his eyelashes! I kid you not his eyelashes are truly (not kidding) about 3/8" long. I was so afraid they wouldn't grow back, but they did. Not to mention him having the scissors so close to his eyes!! So far, Jackson (4 1/2) has not cut his hair at least not that I can remember, but my memory is not very reliable these days.
    I'm loving what you're doing with the 12 days swap. I've been in the art quilt mood lately, but keep sticking paper and paint onto canvases instead. I'm just too lazy to do all the prep for an art quilt. Especially the one that's in my mind.